Gender Summit

We live in a society where human rights have never been equal. I and the other 11 students with two facilitators had created one workshop, call Gender Summit, where our goal is to Creating Humanitarian Awareness for the Necessity of Gender Equity (CHANGE). In this workshop we divided into four sessions under the theme of “Empower Change while Preserving Culture”. Our four sessions are power, economic, language, and culture. We ran this workshop in two days on the 26th (English) and 27th (Khmer) of January 2018.

We had invited around a hundred students from around Phnom Penh to participate in our event. During the event, I and another student has a job of making sure the event runs smoothly. So as I walked into each session, the students seem to participate a lot. They asked good questions, raise up good ideas, learned something new, and they also have fun with their teammate and their session leader.

At the end of the event, I can see that people have different opinion on gender equity based on where they live and what they have learned from their society. Some people have idea which I disagree, however, I can’t say that they are wrong because they lived in a different society where I do; there might something dangerous that limit them. Although, they have learned a lot and their ideas have changed a lot in the positive way of how to treat people in society.

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