Liger Visitor Information Palace construction finish

This is the Liger Visitor Information Palace that We use 7 weeks to finish it. Every eletronic thing in the Visitor Information Palace was run by solar. In the Visitor Information Palace we put the Liger model, The slide show that talking about Liger, and some of the product such as; hat, shirt, mug, keychain, water bottle and the Economic book that made by Liger students. In the VIP exploration I also learned about one of the software call Blender. We use Blender to design the building campus in Liger and print it by the 3D Printer so we can put the campus on our liger model.

  • Visitor Information Palace (VIP)team did a sharation (share an idea to other people) to other peoples.

Writing Sentences

I go to an unusual school. This school is called Liger Learning Center. This school is in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We have 40 staff and 50 students. We have six core values such as; Integrity, Stewardship, Appreciation, Determination, Optimism and Ingenuity. We have something called, “explorations”. An exploration is where a group of students work with a teacher for seven weeks. We have different topics of exploration and some of them are Forest Ecology, Entrepreneurship, Animal Guide and others explorations.