LMRT – Third Adventure

On November 16th through 19th, The LMRT was down to Koh Seh again to improve our diving and survey skills. This particular trip was focused on practicing on fish survey and doing a substrate identification exam. Diver are very lazy, they kick super slow just like a turtle walking on land. But doing this fish survey is the god of laziness, we need to kick much more slower than a normal diver, around 1.5 – 1.7 meter per minute. Personally for my first dive to practice the fish survey was super confusing and difficult. We need to responsible for many things and that’s was too much for us. Also to swim super slow was the most difficult for me because it’s uncomfortable and it’s also my first time to do it. But as time past, we were always getting better. On the fourth dive of practicing the fish survey we all done fantastic, our speed was on the right track, we took a lot of information and I even saw a super tiny octopus that was like one centimeter or even smaller than that while focusing on the speed. I’ve got a good eye right? Not just we have done a really good job or the practicing fish survey, but we also pass the substrate identification exam. We are waiting to do our real survey!

Photo of me checking out the grouper in the art official reef.