Sea Festival

On the 23th through the 24th of December, I and the other 11 students went to Kep to participate the 6th sea festival. It was a really big event there, there are so many sports to play like biking, running, boxing, swimming, volley ball, Frisbee and more. Not just sport that is hosted at the event, there are so many more stations that are selling or trying to promote their product. Even though, they’re so many things to do there, we decided to only participate in Frisbee because Frisbee is new to Cambodia and therefor, we want to promote it


We work with the Swa Ultimate Cambodia and divided the people into four small teams and compete together to find the winner. On the first day, we are just trying to promote Frisbee by doing a friendly match together and at the same time, trying to interact with people and asking them to play. Something that is also fun on the trip, but not hosted by the event was trying to find places to eat, there are one time that we end up eating dinner around 11:30 pm.

On the second day, the real game had come. My team played pretty well and we haven’t lost any, but in the last game we play to find the last two teams to play final, we lost. Even though we lost the game and can’t get to the final, we still have fun and enjoy the game. It was a great experience with amazing people at the amazing event.