Liger Visitor Information Palace under construction

First Exploration 2015/2016:
Visitor Information Palace

The BIG question
End goal for visitors, or what we want the visitor to have learned when they exit?
The goal of our Visitor Information Palace is to have people who are coming to the Liger Learning Center for the first time gain an understanding of what our campus looks like by our 3D model. They will also learn about the projects and explorations that we have been doing at Liger, through our slideshow pictures, video, the Animal Guide book, and the Cambodian Economy book. The video will explain the philosophy and history of Liger. There will also be a display explaining how solar energy is being used to power the VIP. The overall idea is to give visitors an idea of what the Liger Learning Center is about, both physically and spiritually.

The Liger Visitor Information Palace
-A 3D model of Liger (In the middle), with a key.
-A 150cm/75cm table for our model and a small table for exploration (Cambodia’s Wildlife -and Cambodia’s Economy books)
-Products from previous explorations (ex. T-shirts, mugs, bags and etc.)
-One or two wall fans.
-Two Monitors with video & slide show.
-Solar powered with a display.
-Picture of Liger from satellite (google earth)
-Pictures of the activities that Liger students are doing and have done.
-Liger pictures (students and staff)
-Trip pictures.
-Deck & landscaping (trails)
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