Refuse Plastics Decription


Exploration Name: Refuse Plastics

Exploration Dates: May 5 2014 – june 17 2014

Number of Student: 12


Description: In this exploration we learned about type of plastics history of plastics reduce,reuse,recycle problem of plastic where do the plastics go and something of. We not just learned in the class but we also go to community, BKK market and luckey market to find out the answer. Problems with plastics waste ? Problems of Bury it can pollute the water  and soil. Problems of Burn have Co2 mutation dangerous because smoke a lot when smoke a lot and people that driving is can’t see and it can crush together. Problem of throw on the road dangerous because when the wind blows the plastics to the eye of the driver they can be dangerous. Pollute the water when we throw the plastics into the water and the fish can live in the water can’t drink because pollute. Fish can eat the plastics waste because the fish is think the plastic is the food to eat. Can clog the drain and the water can’t going in to the clog and when it have the rain it will have the flooding people hard to go other places also it will have a lot of  the mosquito and the people will have a lot of people is sick. problems of landfill take to much of the space,leaching chemicals because when it have a lot of  rain the chemicals will spread out and go into the water. Methane gas it the organic waste in the landfill don’t have the O2 to compose it will make the methane gas is stronger than co2 about 21time. We also learned about 3R it mean to reduce reuse and recycle the plastics waste. Reduce is mean to use less plastics or not use plastics. Reuse is mean to use the plastics again. Recycle is mean to make something new. 5D it have define, discover, design, develop, and deploy. Define is mean to find the problem of the plastics. Discover is mean to learn about the problem. Design is meant to use it again to make something new like bag flower or other thing of. Develop is mean to make it better not have a lot of carmicle. Deploy is mean to teach other people about the plastic. We also go to community to find the community survey about the plastic and we as the people in community. We go to the BKK market and I find that the seller in BKK market is use a lot of plastic it can be up to 30 kg of plastic in one week. The Lucky market is not use a lot of plastic they just put something that they buy and put in one bag. cintri I learned that the plastic that cintri take from the community is have about 14000 tons – 15000 tons. Our group is have the solution to have less plastic in cambodia if we take the plastics to make something of like a bags, flower or other thing of. I hope that if all the people take the plastics that they throw away to make something like the bag or something that can use to do something and it will not go to landfill and cambodia is will have less plastic. One more thing I hope that people in cambodia is compost the plastics because it have up to 60% of rubbish in the landfill that not compost and if it not compost it will get to methane gas and it is dangerous than C02 about 21 time.