Steam Class

8:00 to 9:00 am at Thursday and Friday I learned about science. So the teacher had put one project to all of the student to create a small book that talking about science. Our teacher had pick a team for us every team have two people. So some people talking about pollination, ant, bee, life cycle and a lots more. For my team we hard to find our topic so we decide to talk about Cambodia animal. We had pick to talk about Sunda Pangolin. We want to talk about that because Sunda Pangolin are endangered animal in Cambodia and hunter easy hunt them. Our book is talking about a family of pangolin had move to the deep forest but they had a lots of problem . We create all create the book becasue we want to share to other kid to know about science.

Project-based learning

When am not learned about Project-based learning (PBL) I don’t know what is PBL mean. So I had learned PBL class and we had create our own PBL definition and our definition is Project-based learning is an educational method that involves inspiring students in problem solving and investigative activities to gain deeper knowledge, skills, and experiences; giving students the opportunity to actively explore challenging questions and real-world problems outside of the classroom resulting in realistic products, solutions or other outcomes. So the ministry of Education had told us to work with two school one in Phnom Penh (Chbar Ampov High School) and another one is in Kratie (Kratie Town High School). We had explained to the teachers about PBL then the teachers had put project for the students to work. When the student did a presentation to us they doing well. We do this not mean we want to change the curriculum but we want to share the curriculum and find out which one work better for government schools.

3D Design Class

In The Liger Learning Center we have one class call 3D Design that learned every Monday to Tuesday at 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. In 3D Design class we learned how to animate an object then we can print our object by one machine call 3D Printer. We can animate anything want than we can print our object with 3D model. The object that I had been animate are chess, minion, android, avatar, house and a lots more. I also join one project (Liger 3D Model) that work on making Liger model with 3D Model. It a complicate project because every building are done to scale so that mean we have to make every building with an accurate diameter.

  • The app call Blender That I use to animate.

My Math Class

In my math class we had worked on one website call khan academy (is a website use to improve your skill like math, science and other). Jeff our math teacher said if you work on khan academy to improve your math skill he will give us more point when we do auction by looking at how much you improve your percentage. It not matter on how many percentage you have it matter on how many percentage you had improve. Right now I had improve 7% I hope I can improve more so I can had more point when we had the auction day. Right now we also work on how to use the new calculator that is very powerful that calculator is the most powerful calculator in the world according to my math teacher said. We learned how to use it but now it still complicate for me to use that calculator but I hope I can use it perfectly in the future because that calculator is so powerful.

  • The website call Khan Academy that I use to improve my math skill