Beach Cleanup

Plastic is one the world’s biggest problem.there are about 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide and more than one million bags are used every minute. For me I think we need to clean the plastic now because if they get into the micro plastic it will be super hard to clean them. On the 17th of September, 28 of the Liger students and around 10 foreigner from different country join us to do beach cleanup at Kep. This event happen all around the world but Cambodia never participate. So we spend half of the morning and half of the afternoon picking up rubbish at different two locations at the coast of Kep beach. We collect a total of 85 trash bags for the two locations.I really join doing this because it really wants to help and care of the environment . I was proud of myself because my group is the first ever Cambodian to participate. I was exciting that MCC (Marine Conservation Cambodia) staff come and join us too and they were all foreigner. But the most exciting part for me is that not just us and the MCC staff come to join the beach clean up, but we also get help from the the people in the community and the seller at the beach too.

Iron Deficiency

Anemia is one of the world health issue. You got anemia because of a condition in which there is a deficiency of red cells or of hemoglobin in the blood. Anemia are caused by three problem Iron deficiency, genetic (thalassemia), and parasite. In the world there’s about 20% of the population got anemia and in Cambodia there’s more than 50%, So anemia is one of the biggest health issue in Cambodia. In one of my exploration which is Iron deficiency we learned about Anemia that caused by iron deficiency. Iron deficiency mostly happened to the children and pregnant women. So you get iron deficiency because your get less iron in you body. So generally, men and non-menstruating women should receive about 10 mg of iron daily, menstruating or nursing women 15 mg, and pregnant women 30 mg daily. So what what kind of food that have a lot of iron? So meat, dark leafy greens, dark chocolate, liver have a lot of Iron. So if you eat it your body will get more iron. But what about the family that they don’t have ability to buy all of those food such as Cambodia. We have the solution for them it a lucky Iron Fish. Lucky Iron Fish is just a piece of Iron that design as a fish. The Lucky Iron Fish is made from natural ferrous iron, which is easily absorbed by the body and is safe.It help to solve this problem because if you use this fish to cook with you food (Must have water) for 10 minute with 1 liter of water your body can absorbed about 7 mg of iron. Because your body absorbed a small amount of iron so it will not effect to your body. The price of it just 8$ for Cambodian and 25$ for foreigner (but they get two, one for them and the other one will donate to Cambodia) but you can use it for 5 years, So this is why it’s the solution. We have work with the lucky Iron fish company to distribute the fish to difference family in Siem Reap. The fish that we had give to them is the fish that we get from donated by foreigner because of they were buy the fish and one donate to Cambodia, so we take that fish to give to villager at Siem Reap. So we have did workshop with the villager in three different village, some of them have used the fish before and some of them were new, this shows that the lucky iron fish in interesting to them. So we had give 400 fish to different family, so that mean we help 400 family to get rid out of iron deficiency and this is one of my changing Cambodia. We also take a risk to go to War museum and Akira landmine museum because this museum is connect to Khmer Rouge where I will learn about it in this year. We also go to different temple in Siem Reap to learn about the history. We really have a great time at there.