PSAT Practice Test

On October 14th, 2017, I and the other 49 Liger senior students attended the first Liger PSAT test. I was quite worry about the test because I know it’s going to be hard but however, it just for practice. I get to see how the test was like so it’s going to benefit me because I can get prepare and make my own strategy to complete the test with quality. After I complete the PSAT test I also get feedback from the test of what I should practice more to maximize my score. For the real SAT test In the next one and a half years, I think I can get ready to do well one my test.

My Math Class

In my math class we had worked on one website call khan academy (is a website use to improve your skill like math, science and other). Jeff our math teacher said if you work on khan academy to improve your math skill he will give us more point when we do auction by looking at how much you improve your percentage. It not matter on how many percentage you have it matter on how many percentage you had improve. Right now I had improve 7% I hope I can improve more so I can had more point when we had the auction day. Right now we also work on how to use the new calculator that is very powerful that calculator is the most powerful calculator in the world according to my math teacher said. We learned how to use it but now it still complicate for me to use that calculator but I hope I can use it perfectly in the future because that calculator is so powerful.

  • The website call Khan Academy that I use to improve my math skill