Create the Cambodia Wild Animal books

Something that I has changed Cambodia is make a book that talk about animal in Cambodia. In that book we has the information that talk about each animals and the picture for the animals we not take a photos of that animals or take it from the internet we paint the animals with a color painting. We were working with Art in a Box. We were try very hard to paint the pictures and find the information in our book. In our book we were write in Khmer and English because we want Cambodian and other people around Cambodia to read and know about Cambodia animals . We also go to visit a lot of expert to ask them the question about the animals in our books. We were go to see the breeding season of the bird at Prektoal flooded forest in Cambodia to get the information. There were 84 species and 7 Ecosystem in our book. We were try our best to get money to print the book for other people or student in Cambodia to learned about the animals in Cambodia. At the end we were get a lot information and we try to write our first draft. It were so hard for us to write the first draft at the first time but when we write a long time it make us get more experian to write the first draft and it make us write faster and faster. When our director Dom went to meet with the ministry of education he had talk to him about our book. When the ministry of education heard about our book he was said he will print the book and he will put it in many secondary school in Cambodia. He was said he will put 2 books of our book in each secondary school. We were so happy. That is how I had changing Cambodia.