Dissect Owl Pellets

In my biology essential class I had learned a lot from my teacher. By the way, my teacher decides to do one cool thing that we never do it before and it was dissect the owl pellets. We had learned that owl swallow their prey and it only dissolves the meat and left bone and hair or feather so when it combine together and big enough the owl will eject it out and we call it owl pellets. In owl pellets there are bone and hair from their prey so what we dissect the pellets and see what we find it there. I really enjoy dissecting the owl pellets.

So here is the link for the video of baby owl ejects pellet.

  • We combine the bone together and make the shape of the animal.

The Pygmalion Poem

As you know that in literacy we’ve been learning a lot about advanced writing. Our teacher taught us how to write an essay, write a response using evidence and using quote sandwich. She had picked a play for us to read, and it called Pygmalion, My Fair Lady. So after we finish the play our teacher told us to do anything that talking about the play. Some people were making games, some were making animation and some were making a poster. So I decide to do something that difference then them and it was poetry. So I decide to write a poetry that talking about how the main character (Eliza) characteristics change. One of my challenge to write this poem is the rhyme words because I want to write my poem in Khmer style and Khmer poem style is require lots and lots of rhyme words, so I need to find a lot of rhyme word that match with the sentence. So here I my beautiful Khmer style poem.

Living on earth we need rights
You have to fight for your choice
Find freedom should not avoid
Express your voice to the world.

Eliza was a poor girl
Who’s just like pearl not yet shine
Who needs others to be kind
So she feels fine moving on.

She needs support and comfort
Like baby bird that’s missing
It’s own Mama that could bring
Them love and things for their lives.

Now Eliza is different
She’s determined for her life
Eliza solves her own strife
Living free life with merriment.

She’s brave to talk to others
And she never talks poorly
Cause she’d been taught as a lady
To live freely and independent.

Literacry – Pgymalion

For the past few weeks, in literacy, we’ve been learning a lot about advanced writing. Our teacher taught us how to write an essay, write a response using evidence and using quote sandwich. She had picked a play for us to read, and it called Pygmalion, My Fair Lady. She would tell to read a section and then she would ask questions by using the text-dependent questions, we would write a summarize/main idea using quote sandwich. Right now, we’ve already finish the play and we’ve write an argument essay about the characters.
This class include a lot of hard work then last year. Mainly, we focus on improving our writing skills. For this past few weeks, what I see for my improvement is that when I write a response, I always cite the evidence and explain my evidence really well. What I need to work on is my grammar and to that I need to practice writing more and more.

Some Example

Kampot Writer and Reader Festival

On 3, November, 2016 around 15 students, including me from our school were invited to join the Kampot Writer and Reader Festival that located in Kampot Province. We also decide to share about our Wildlife and Cambodia economy book. On the first day of the festival we were invited to join the opening ceremony of the festival. There are some shows that present for the ceremony such as Khmer dance and singing. There’s also a lot higher class people such as the minister from different ministry in Cambodia, the ambassador of America, UK, Australia, Switzerland. We really enjoin the ceremony.On the next day, which is the biggest and the last day of the festival. Since that day I had present about our book and a lot of people really interested in our book. I also join other workshop too, such as change the theme of the story, Street art, Khmer rouge and a lot more. I really enjoy that day because it really fun and I meet a lot amazing people. I hope I can join the festival again next year.


Economic is one of my expertise class. I really enjoy learning about economic because I can understand money and how it work, how bank and central bank work, and how to save money, but the main thing is that I will ready for my future. So how we manage our money? The way to save your money is expanse less than the income also you need to write your budget plane so you can manage it. We had talked about needs and wants and it really help me because I can save more money by understand about two of them. To learn more on how to manage your money is by makeup your salary that you think it match with you in the future and minus all of your expense also you need to write what you buy so you can manage you money better in the next time.