Night Insect Investigation


If you are book reader you might have this experience where you turn on the lamp at night to read books and of course you might not be able to read for a long time because all those annoying insect come towed the lamp, you, and your book. If you spend much time at night you will see some of the insect attracted to the street light, house light, or campfire flame. But why are they attracted to the light? Are they attracted to heat of the lights, or the light it self? By reading my report you will know why night insects attracted to light.

Link To My Report

Sea Festival

On the 23th through the 24th of December, I and the other 11 students went to Kep to participate the 6th sea festival. It was a really big event there, there are so many sports to play like biking, running, boxing, swimming, volley ball, Frisbee and more. Not just sport that is hosted at the event, there are so many more stations that are selling or trying to promote their product. Even though, they’re so many things to do there, we decided to only participate in Frisbee because Frisbee is new to Cambodia and therefor, we want to promote it


We work with the Swa Ultimate Cambodia and divided the people into four small teams and compete together to find the winner. On the first day, we are just trying to promote Frisbee by doing a friendly match together and at the same time, trying to interact with people and asking them to play. Something that is also fun on the trip, but not hosted by the event was trying to find places to eat, there are one time that we end up eating dinner around 11:30 pm.

On the second day, the real game had come. My team played pretty well and we haven’t lost any, but in the last game we play to find the last two teams to play final, we lost. Even though we lost the game and can’t get to the final, we still have fun and enjoy the game. It was a great experience with amazing people at the amazing event.

LMRT – Third Adventure

On November 16th through 19th, The LMRT was down to Koh Seh again to improve our diving and survey skills. This particular trip was focused on practicing on fish survey and doing a substrate identification exam. Diver are very lazy, they kick super slow just like a turtle walking on land. But doing this fish survey is the god of laziness, we need to kick much more slower than a normal diver, around 1.5 – 1.7 meter per minute. Personally for my first dive to practice the fish survey was super confusing and difficult. We need to responsible for many things and that’s was too much for us. Also to swim super slow was the most difficult for me because it’s uncomfortable and it’s also my first time to do it. But as time past, we were always getting better. On the fourth dive of practicing the fish survey we all done fantastic, our speed was on the right track, we took a lot of information and I even saw a super tiny octopus that was like one centimeter or even smaller than that while focusing on the speed. I’ve got a good eye right? Not just we have done a really good job or the practicing fish survey, but we also pass the substrate identification exam. We are waiting to do our real survey!

Photo of me checking out the grouper in the art official reef.

Climate Summit

Climate Change is the biggest disaster on Earth. Climate Change can cause many things to happen like drought, flood, sea level rise, rising temperature, rising ocean acidification, and many more. Me and the other 11 students had run one workshop, call Climate Summit. Climate Summit is a workshop where different groups of people represents different country or region and they all need to come up with the solution to reduce the co2 emission. The co2 emission now a day is 4.5 degrees Celsius per century and the goal of this workshop is to reduce it to well below 2 degree Celsius per century. We had invited many schools around Cambodia to joint our workshop like JPA, Zaman, Little Heath, NFO, and Logos. The workshop was going pretty well, and at last they end up with the co2 emission of 2.6 degree Celsius which was not our goal but pretty good.


Speech and Debate


In one of my expertise, classes, I’ve learned how to do a debate. We had debated on many topics like to eat meat or being vegetarian or doing the persuade talk on should students bring phone on a trip and many more. I really like to do debate because it helps me with many skill like to think fast, confident talk, persuade talk, research skill, and it’s also fun to do it. One thing that I like when I’ve learned how to do debate is how to talk with power or persuade and I had learned the three tricks to do that. Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Ethos is an appeal to ethics, and it is a means of convincing someone of the character or credibility of the persuader. Pathos is an appeal to emotion, and is a way of convincing an audience of an argument by creating an emotional response. Logos is an appeal to logic, and is a way of persuading an audience by reason. We also do a small poster, poster to show the meaning of those three words by cutting different part of the newspaper and turned it into a poster.



Teaching Swimming

In Liger, Swimming is one of the important skill that require for the student. There are many trips that the student will travel by boat, in this case knowing how to swim is required because something bad can happen. I use to come to Liger without knowing how to swim, but now I am one of the Liger Marine Research Team where we go diving under water. Some of our Junior students still don’t know how to swim, so there an extensions of swimming in them. I am also one of people who train the junior. I also do the timer for them to swim 24 meters, last two weeks I’ve done one and now it’s the second one, what surprise and made me happy is every one had increased their speed.

Pchum Ben

During Khmer Essential, we had done a small research on Cambodian traditional holiday called Pchum Ben. Pchum Ben is a 15 day holiday in November. People celebrate this holiday to pray and wish to our ancestor that had past away to have good luck and we also pray some food for them. This research, we had written in Khmer and  had done on google slide, we also printed them out as a document


Link To PDF

Physics Round 1

Physic is a really cool subject to learn because it’s the study of every day live on how thing work. It has allowed me to understand how the world around me work. It’s really cool when you only need to do math equation and you end up find out the answer of how thing work or how fast it will move, for example, you drop the object from the building and find the time it will take to fall. In the first round of physic, we focused on motions, both in one and two dimension/s. We had to work closely with trigonometry (SOH CAH TOA) and deal with gravity and the four kinematic equations.



I am really interested in learning Biology, so I decided to do an investigation about Kidneys to see how it work and what its job in our body. I spend a lot of time studying in the book and online to get the background information about the kidney. It was wonderful to learn about the kidneys and what surprised me is this, kidneys is pretty crazy it can hold about 22% of our entire blood supply of any time. Kidney can filter about 1 liter of blood in one minute that mean 500 ml per minute in each kidney (there are two kidneys in our body). There are five liters of blood in our body that mean in five minutes all of our blood will pass through our kidney, so in one day our blood will filter in our kidney for about 288 times, that is crazy!

 On the left is the experiment water and at the right is the clean water.

Vex Robortic

The robot is amazing, they can do many things where human can’t. In one of my exploration, we had learned about building and programming the robot. I used to do a competition in Singapore on Lego robot. This time we had to build our robot to compete in Taiwan for the Vex Robotic competition. I had worked as mechanical team to build the robot. For my experience work on mechanical was a bit difficult because Vex Robotic is new to us, so we need to understand of every part and what its job. Another problem is that we don’t have enough time and we also don’t have a clear design of the robot. For us to attend on the competition was awesome because we can represent Cambodia, but what’s more important is, we had inspire a lot of Cambodian students since we are the first team who join in this VEX competition from Cambodia. On the day of the competition we had met lots of amazing people. Something I find out that sock I was, one of the team controller had practice controlling for like two months and that almost the same amount of time for us to learn and work on the robot. However, we did our best for the competition, we end up with played six games we won three games. At last we also got one trophy the Judges Award. Then we spend the time left to enjoy Taiwan.