Khmer Model United Nation

          On Wednesday, May 23rd, the hold senior students attended the Khmer Model United Nation. It was the first ever Khmer MUN and we are the one who organized the hold event for our self. On the MUN day, all senior student were all dressed up professional. There are two topics that we going to discuss: feeding the world growing billions and air quality control and pollution. I was picked to be the delegate of United States of America and as a representative of this country, I knew that I’m going to talk a lot. We got two weeks to research about our country related to the topics so that we can be prepared to do the discussion.

           It is my first time to do the Model United Nation so this going to challenge me a lot. At first, I need to give an opening speech and this is quite scary. After the opening speech, we got to discuss on the first topic, feeding the world growing billions. During this time I’m not really sure about what’s going on because had never joint this event. I didn’t talk much but enough to participate. After we discussed the first topic, I gained more self-confident and understand what was going on and this pushes me to do to do harder in the next discussion. I started raising my country flag to question other delegate and summit argument to give a speech against the resolutions.


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